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Ongoing - Volunteering days in the garden

Volunteer in the garden on the second Friday and last Sunday of each month

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13th Sep 2020

Volunteer Orientation Day

March 2020

Bruny Garden Group (Private Tour, email us for group tour information)

17th Nov 2019

Botanica Garden Group (Private Tour, email us for group tour information)

15th Nov 2019 

Kingston District Garden Club (Private Tour, email us for group tour information)

14th – 20th Oct 2019

Seniors Week – All seniors garden entry $7

10th Aug 2019

Science Week Cyanotyping Workshop

5th Aug 2019

Bruny School Garden Visit (Private Tour, email us for information on school visits)

26th May 2019

Botanic Gardens Day 2019 – 1hr Guided Walks for $25

30th March 2019

Lenah Valley Garden Club (Private Tour)

2nd Oct 2018

Cressy Garden Group (Private Tour)

25th Aug 2018

Science Week Waterbugs Workshop

23rd Aug 2018

Blooming Tasmania – Eco Dying Workshops and Garden Walks

20th March 2018

Australian Garden History Society (Private Tour)

TBC - 2022

BGCI grant on Widdringtonia whytei 


Tropical Mountain Plant project


Lomatia tasmanica - King's Holly project

November 2021

'Plants of future past' feature article in Australian Geographic magazine written by Briar Jensen

_____ 2021

Global Conservation Consortium Nothofagus affiliation

April 2021

The Inala Jurassic Garden proudly became a member of the Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens. Information about the alliance can be viewed here.

A list of members of the alliance can be viewed here.

6th March 2021

ABC news article regarding Inala Jurassic Garden's involvement with the Global Genome Initiative. The article can be viewed here.

February 2021

GGI-GGBN grant through BGCI and USBG

20-24th October 2019

Dr Tonia Cochran, Jurassic Garden - Gondwana presentation at BGANZ conference in Wellington, New Zealand

12th September 2019

Jurassic Garden appears on Going Places With Ernie Dingo, Series 3 - Episode 15 on SBS. Can be viewed here.

28th September 2018

Jurassic Garden appears on Gardening Australia, Series 29 - Episode 36 on the ABC

Can be viewed here.

inala gondwana garden news

Global Genome Initiative (Gardens) Award

The GGI-Gardens Awards Program aims to promote partnership activities to preserve and understand Earth’s genomic biodiversity of plants. The Program provided funding to support sampling activities from living collections with unique families and genera of vascular plants not yet represented in Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) biorepositories.

We identified that Inala Jurassic Garden successfully grows just over 100 plant specimens that were not included in GGBN biorepositories in our living collection. Over the course of 2021 we collected living samples from these plants - specimens were dried, pressed, mounted on specialised paper and labeled. Additional genetic samples of each specimen were also taken, dried in silica gel and stored in perpetuity. The completed herbarium vouchers are now located in the Tasmanian Herbarium in Hobart for storage and study, and all information provided to GGBN for inclusion in their database, publicly accessible via the GGBN Online Portal.

This program was funded by the Global Genome Initiative (GGI-Gardens) and the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) and is administered through the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) Global Botanic Garden Fund. We are proud members of BGCI and GGBN.

Inala Jurassic Garden is the only botanic garden in Australia, and one of just fourteen in the world, to receive a 2021 GGI-Gardens Award to help preserve genetic plant material.




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